8 giugno – 2 luglio 2016

  • 8 giugno – 2 luglio 2016
  • Inaugurazione mercoledì 8 giugno 2016 ore 17:00
  • Dopo la lettura pubblica dello scorso 4 Marzo in cui culture diverse, lingue lontane e volti differenti si sono uniti, recitando e raccontando insieme la storia dei popoli, torna un nuovo evento dedicato ad “Al-Mutanabbi Street Start Here-Project”.

    Una selezione delle stampe dalla collezione:”Absence and Presence”, con opere di incisori e stampatori da tutto il mondo, sarà in mostra presso la SG Gallery.

    In 2013, printmakers from around the world were invited to make prints for the Al-Mutanabbi Street Project. Each artist was asked to reflect and respond to the bombing of the bookseller’s quarter in Baghdad in 2007 and to be part of a global coalition of artists, poets and writers that states that wherever people talk freely and creativity breathes, Al Mutanabbi Street starts.

    Printmaking is a physical process that leaves an imprint and yet retains its ability to recede, impress, layer and renew. In this vein, each printmaker will donate five prints from their edition to the project. As in our broadside and artist book project, one complete set of prints will be donated to the Iraq National Library in Baghdad. Two copies will join exhibits in the U.S. One copy will go to the UK (and be used as part of exhibits there and Europe, the Middle East and North Africa). One copy (in 2016) will join work from the project at the Herron Art Library (Indiana – Purdue University) and be digitized by them, becoming part of their permanent collection of work from this project. Dialog related to the exhibitions of the prints from “Absence and Presence” will begin in December of 2014 at the inaugural exhibition at the San Francisco Center for the Book. Additional exhibitions will be held in the US, UK, Middle East and North Africa from 2015-2017.

    Artisti selezionati / Artists selected
    • David B. Johnson
    • Cathy King
    • Mario LaPlante
    • Jodi Le Bigre
    • Roberta Loach
    • Josh MacPhee
    • Carl Middleton
    • Golbanou Moghaddas
    • Nicholas Naughton
    • Ozlem Ayse Ozgur
    • Frederick P. Tinsley
    • Phillip Robertson
    • Bev Samler
    • Liz Shepherd
    • Sarah Taibah
    • Dan Welden
    • Michael Williams
    • Nanette Wylde
    • Iram Wani
    • David Tim
    • Mokhtar Paki
    • Zaira Ahmad Zaka
    • Jasper Alford
    • Kahlil Bendib
    • Judy Bergman Hochberg
    • Adam Bridgland
    • Karen Chew
    • Khalifah Christensen
    • Michel Droge
    • Justus Evans
    • Juan Fuentes
    • Oscar J. Gillespie
    • Ronnie Goodman
    • Marcelle Hanselaar
    • Gary Harrell
    • Kathy Aoki
    • David Avery
    • Sherry Smith Bell
    • Kristine Bouyoucos
    • Martin Boyle
    • Jennifer L. Caine
    • Wilson Hill
    • Jaymie Johnson
    • Sara Lee
    • Carl Middleton
    • Margaret Roleke
    • Sarah Taibah
    • Matilde Dolcetti
    • Roberta Feoli