Alice O’Neill & Alida Sayer

Image left: Alice O’Neill, image right: Alida Sayer

6 + 6

  • Thursday 13th October 2016
  • Exhibition open 12-6pm
  • Artist talks 4pm
  • Drinks reception 4-6pm

For this one-day event, Autumn 2016 Visiting Guest Artists Alice O’Neill (USA) and Alida Sayer (UK) present selected outcomes from new bodies of research generated throughout their respective 6-week residencies.

Alice O’Neill used her time at the Scuola di Grafica to investigate new printing techniques. With Venice as a backdrop, the moving and breathing city served as a visual playground. Exploring unfamiliar tools and materials, Alice teased out new textures and mark making from aluminum and non-toxic etches. Using her research she is building a collection of imagery, marks and ideas to build upon through the upcoming year.

Alida Sayer has been immersing herself in both the city and the workshop, collecting techniques, words, objects, sounds, images, sensations and reflections under the title ‘Wet Map | Mappa Bagnata’. The result is a material, linguistic and sensory lexicon of raw material that explores imprints, bindings and the notion of Venice as a ‘wet map’, a term coined by the artist-historian Carol Mavor (Blue Mythologies, 2013), and will form the basis of a new body of work and a publication to be developed throughout 2016-17.➤ will be available to view for 6 hours from 12-6pm on Thursday 13th October 2016 (GMT +1)

Alice is an American artist from the US. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (MFA Graphics, 2012), the University of Brighton (MA Printmaking, 2009) and the Rhode Island School of Design (BFA Printmaking, 2006). Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. Through storytelling, Alice builds a labyrinth of language and imagery intertwining the real with the unreal. By simultaneously working in photography, drawing and printmaking she has left the door open for cross-pollination and play.➤

Alida is a British artist based in Norwich, UK. She graduated from the Royal College of Art London (MA Sculpture, 2014) and Glasgow School of Art (BA Hons Communication Design, 2009). She has undertaken residencies in the UK and South Korea and exhibited in solo, group and touring exhibitions internationally. Her work explores modes of apprehending the intangible, the registration of human experience in matter and its encoding into systems of communication.➤