At 5pm

  • 20-24 February 2018
  • opening: 20 February 2018 at 6pm

“Behind each real thing, there was a shadow thing … and therefore it happened, it often happened, that his life no longer seemed to dwell in the present.”
Paul Auster, The Invention of Solitude, 1982.

At 5pm consists of a series of prints and one artists’ book. The works on show are a result of Anna McDowell’s wider, on-going research into the subjects of time and absence and their interconnection. The viewer is presented with two short poems printed letterpress – one by the artist entitled Old Fear, and the other by William Johnson Cory entitled Heraclitus, alongside a collection of related drypoint etchings.

Each poem addresses the non-linearity of time and our relationship with the passing of time. The etchings are an attempt to scratch at the surface of language, to reveal a hidden layer; a search for the ‘shadow thing’.

Anna McDowell graduated from City and Guilds, London with BA in Fine Art Painting in 2013 & has participated in a number of exhibitions in the UK Near to the Wild Heart at Ben Sassoon Gallery, 30 Degrees Celsius at ASC Gallery and Sketch Drawing Prize at Rabley Drawing Centre. Her first Solo exhibition was in 2016 at Brixton Pound Gallery entitled No Words. This year she is to exhibit in a group show at Galerie Peyrusse, France as well as a prospective solo exhibition at Amp Gallery, London in July.

Exhibition curated by
Deirdre Kelly