• 2-6 May 2016
  • Meet the artist: Friday 5 May 2017 at 5pm

‘Flow’ is centered around The Royal Yangdian Taoist Temple, an ancient Temple which is a peaceful haven amidst the industrialised area of the Pudong District. Following a 6 month residency in Shanghai,her work has become preoccupied with connection and interaction within the deafening, deadening environment of an industrial city. Many Taoists are engaged in physical cultivation aimed at wellness and contemplation, like qigong breathing exercises or tai chi shadowboxing, acts often seen outside of the temple, performed within a landscape surrounded by development sites, skyscrapers and malls.

Bianca Cork is currently artist in residence at the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, engraving materials such as wood, steel and stone allows a physicality which fits the industrial subjects on which the work focuses. Often techniques such as photography, etching, woodcutting to stone lithography, laser cutting and screenprinting are combined. Heavy machinery, strong light sources and intimidating structures are often broken down to essences and forms, aiming to create a simultaneous sense of movement and suspense.

Recent Exhibitions include:- Xuyuan International Print Biennial, Beijing 2016 The Society of Women Artists, Mall Gallery, London. 2016, 9th International Triennial of Small Graphic Forms VILNIUS, Lithuania, 2016. V. International Print Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey, 2016. Imagine, Falmouth Art Gallery UK. 2016. The Great Britain-China Educational Trust / Award, 2016 The 5th NBC Meshtec Tokyo International Screen Print Biennial -Exhibition Winner, 2015