Assimilated Museum: The Venetian Collection

  • 15-18 November 2017

Deanna Hitti currently showing at SGgallery fragments of an artist book created during her residency here in Venice. Using the cyanotype printing method, Hitti’s research focuses on the historical relationship between Venice and the Arab world.

Deanna Hitti is an Australian artist based in Melbourne, with a Lebanese heritage. Much of her practice concerns the nuanced relationship between Eastern and Western cultures. She investigates historical and contemporary representations of Middle Eastern people through out art history.

Hitti has been a professional printmaker for over 15 years and is the founder of Rambunctious Press Australia 2005-2014. A custom printing studio dedicated to promoting the rich tradition of graphic arts. Her works have been exhibited nationally and internationally in group and solo shows and is the recipient of two major Australian artist book awards. Her artists’ books and prints have been acquired by major collections in Australia.➤
Artist Book released 2017

Artist Book released 2016