Hannaford & Harshman

Left: Melissa Harshman. Right: Joey Hannaford

Recent Work

  • 2-12 August 2016

Joey Hannaford
My recent experiments in letterpress printing and artists books are efforts to return my printmaking and design processes to a more spontaneous, physical process of improvisation. In these “painterly” prints I am making reference to traditional, historic printing and bookbinding techniques as well as exploring pure color and abstract form. I am drawn to working with square, modular formats that then create larger compositions.

The book called “Detach” is a combination of letterpress printing and traditional paste-paper techniques historically used by bookbinders and is “bound” and hung using large rubber bands.

In the grid installation called “Chroma”, I have printed on handmade paper using my own collection of large wood type letters that are specifically chosen because of their relative geometric qualities. The letters are then printed repeatedly from different directions in the press with transparent offset printing inks creating new geometric shapes that reveal themselves with each successive layering, often becoming unrecognizable as letterforms. I am using an offset printing halftone color palette [CMYK] that create four-color prints, making reference to traditional and historic printing processes.


Melissa Harshman
For the past three years I have been interested in the aesthetic influence of the chandelier on my work. My goal is not to replicate a chandelier, but reference its arrangement. The wall installation titled “Garland” incorporates printed and crocheted flowers along with actual crystal beads. This work is created to expand on a wall, emphasizing the scale of chandeliers. I am interested in the play of the shadows created by the hanging beads juxtaposed with the aesthetic qualities of the printed pieces. This work has been referred to as “wall jewelry”. I enjoy this comparison as both jewelry and chandeliers can be viewed as objects of beauty and adornment; items which enrich our lives.

I have also included a series of monoprints, which also reflect my interest in the outward appearance of the chandelier. The monoprints echo the elegance of hanging beads with their accompanying shadows and inflections.