The Scuola is a well-established institution offering a congenial atmosphere to develop one’s artistic practice. Developed and managed by Venetian artists, the Scuola is a unique artist residency in the center of Venice and, in my opinion, the best in the city. The facilities are well maintained and the atmosphere is friendly and supportive. From January to August of 2015, I spent seven months at the Scuola during a sabbatical from my university in the United States. Thus, I feel uniquely qualified to write this review and thankful that I got to know the institution and its staff well (who now feel like family to me). Not only did this residency provide an opportunity for me to make new work, but also to make some great new friends among the other visiting artists at the Scuola. Among the residencies that I have attended around the world, I would consider the Scuola to be one of the best. I plan to return and to recommend the Scuola to my colleagues and friends.
Anne Bush, University of Hawaii

My residency at the Scuola was nothing less than inspiring. Immersed in the beauty and history of Venice, I was deeply inspired to strep out of my comfort zone and “play” with mediums that resonated with Venice. Print making was a totally new experience for me and it was amazing to watch my skilled fellow artists exercise their talent creating beautiful and unique works of Art. I had the opportunity to do some at a very basic level. Personally it was a great pleasure and honour getting to know Mathilda, Lorenzo and the greater Scuola famiglia. They will remain a part of me forever and I hope to come back soon.
Indra Dosanjh (India – Canada)
The Scuola is one of Venice’s hidden gems with its historic setting, excellent facilities and professional staff. It was quite memorable to be working and living in an area rich in heritage. The facilities were far superior to other residencies I have attended. The workshop was always kept in a professional and immaculate condition with a variety of equipment and materials readily available.
Greg Mallyon (Australia)
The most memorable thing about my residency was the interaction and conversation among the visiting residents and local artists and the richness of the setting of Venice itself.
Virginia Sharkey (California – USA)
It was the best art experience I had in a long time. Accommodation, location, facility, teachers, director, colleagues, all together were conducive of a very productive and creative state of being. I would go back in a heart bit!
Iole Alessandrini (Italy-USA)
I am a professional artist and art educator, working and teaching Painting in the United States. I have been exhibiting my paintings in exhibitions since 1994, when I received a Bachelors degree in Painting from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA. In 2005, I was invited to conduct a visual presentation of my body of work as well as conduct Student Tutorials at the Royal Academy of Arts, London United Kingdom. Other ties to Europe include extended stays in Paris through the Study Abroad Program of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1992, a Professional Residency at Camac Centre D’Art at Marnay sur Seine, France in 2010 prior to visiting Venice in 2012. I had the opportunity to Visit Scuola Internazionale di Grafica for a professional Artist Residency in July 2012. I had a good two week’s stay and got to finish a few projects, time being the only constraint. Venice is a bustling city with many attractions and working in a studio space can be limiting. But with support from Lorenzo and others, I was able to be satisfied with the work I completed. I would like to visit again sometime. Good program!
Chitra Ramanathan (India – USA)
It was a magical time. I got a lot of work done and I also saw a lot of Venice and it’s art. I didn’t want to waste a moment and didn’t. I often wish I could return. Love to you all. Luiza from Batemans Bay NSW Australia
Luiza Urbanik (Australia)
Venice is incredible, a treasure store of discoveries. With the Biennale there was no end to the inspiration to be had. The combination of contemporary art and exhibitions with the historic offerings was amazing.
Michelle Ross (Oregon – USA)
The location and facilities of the Scuola are what make the experience of working there so incredible. There is a real sense of history to the studio. It being a family run business made it more special to me as I work for my parents glass blowing studio in London. Also knowing the caliber of artist who have worked there before me made me feel privileged to have the opportunity to be working there as well.
Sophie Layton (UK)
The Scuola has a leader, and a staff, with a passion and vision for the print, for the shared ideas of the artists who come to participate. Being in a comfort zone with the world of printmaking feels good and solid, a place to go from, to the next thing, even to failures (which tell us the most). In days and nights of working and not having to worry about anything but working, the mind begins to have a flow. I am so grateful to the people here who took me to the next step while allowing me to take them to some places as well. As a mature artist it can be difficult to step out of the daily habits of the home studio and find new territory, new inspiration, and mentorship. I found all of that in Venice at the Scuola, and much more. Friendship, dialogue, and the opportunity to experience Venice not as a tourist, but as a member of the artistic community.
Elizabeth Brinton (Washington – USA)
The residencies (Summer and Winter) have given me the opportunity to work alongside artists from all over the world in a location that has so much to offer. The connections I have made at the Scuola have changed the direction of my art for the better.
Kate McCammon (Maryland, USA)
The most memorable was the “commute” from the apartment in San Maurizio to the Scuola down the canal or through the streets of Venice. I never got tired of the beauty that is the city of Venice. And the studio that is so well equipped with a garden too! This residency is focused on the artist making their own work. I have been on other overseas residencies where I was scheduled to teach in local schools. Not a bad thing of course, but not as much as a support to individual creative work. On the whole my time at the Scuola was wonderful. My screen saver is a view of San Maurzio taken from my window at the apartment.
Claire Owen (Pennsylvania – USA)
The Scuola created an environment where there were no stipulations or conditions on one’s studio practice often found at other artist residencies. I found a wonderful workshop and staff happy to assist with any technical issues or questions that arose in my work.
Michael Wong (Minnesota – USA)
Very difficult to pinpoint ‘the most memorable part’ of my residency at the Scuola for it was all truly memorable. My four weeks there were fantastic! Traveling to and from the Scuola on the ferry each day was a wonderfully inspiring experience. It gave me time for reflection and allowed me to witness daily life and the historical architecture of Venice, which fed my imagination and influenced the development of my art. I was also delighted in being assisted to discover new ways of making prints and extend my art practice. The crowning glory was to see the powerful work of Maria Lai in the Scoula’s gallery (as part of the Biennale), in the days before I returned home to Australia. Everyone was very friendly, the staff helpful, and the beautiful, professional environment was enhanced by its cared for environment and its intimate scale. I have been to other residencies where there was little or no exchange with either other resident artists or staff.
Dr. Annette Iggulden (Australia)
I had been to Venice five times before. Then I decided to print directly at the ScuoIa and was so very happy to find such a good studio especially with very friendly people.  I appreciated the very well endowed workshop and Mathilde’s knowledge of every printing technique. My favorite was the old print stamper from 1870.
Katrin Magens (Germany)
Venice is Venice. When everything is so elaborate and enlightening (from Tintoretto to mosaic craftsmanship and beyond), it definitely permeates into the dedication and effort directed to your work. Even when I consider myself a painter, I benefited from the uniqueness of the printmaking room and the caliber of the printmakers.
Antonio Rosario (California – USA)
I loved being part of the skilled, artistic personnel of the Scuola in the most inspirational environment of the world – Venezia! My residency consisted of three calligraphic parts; teaching uncials, having an exhibition and my own art project ‘Go with Letters’ which offers the Venezia visitors a peek into the role of calligraphy in the visual culture of the city.
Vuokko Koho (Finland)