Edward Bernstein, Indiana University and Lorenzo de Castro, director of Scuola Internazionale di Grafica

The Scuola Internazionale di Grafica is affiliated with many Italian and international institutions. Since 1992 we have organized and hosted innumerable semester, as well as intensive study abroad programs. International students studying at the Scuola are instructed by their professors and/or by our faculty.

Current Affiliations

  • China Printmaking Museum: Founding Members of International Printmaking Organizations Aliance (IPOA)
  • Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers, UK
  • Boston Printmakers, USA
  • Rhode Island School of Design USA: “Invisible Venice – Wintersession”
  • Indiana University USA: Summer Intensive in Printmaking and Book-Arts
  • Kutztown University USA: Winter Program in Printmaking and Book-Arts
  • University of Louisville USA: Printmaking in Venice – May Program
  • Western Michigan University USA: May Program in Artists Book and Printmaking
  • Pratt Institute, New York, USA:  Summer Program in Printmaking
  • Associazione Amici di Leonardo Sciascia: Premio Leonardo Sciascia Amateur des Estampes. International Printmaking Prize
  • Vermont Studio Center, USA
  • Paupers Press: International Artists’ Project
  • Artist Pension Trust® (3 full fellowshops for APT’s artists per year)
  • ResArtis (member)

Past Programs and other Affiliations

  • Boston University, USA:  Semester Programs in Painting, Printmaking, Book-Arts and Graphic Design
  • Ca’ Foscari – Harvard Summer School
  • The University of Iowa, USA: Programma Estivo in Grafica d’Arte
  • University of Massachusetts, USA: Semester Programs in Painting, Printmaking, Book-Arts and Graphic Design
  • Connecticut College, New London CT, USA: Semester Programs in Painting, Printmaking, Book-Arts and Graphic Design
  • Fine Art Academy,  Skopje, Macedonia
  • Museum of Fine Arts School, Boston: Summer Intensive
  • Accademia di Belle Arti di Yerevan, Armenia
  • Accademia di Belle Arti di Reggio Calabria
  • Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia
  • Studio Blu, Seattle, USA
  • Nucleo de Acquarellistas, San Paolo del Brasile
  • Istituto Ellenico di studi Bizantini e post-Bizantini, Venezia
  • Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsbourg, USA
  • Scuola del Vetro Abate Zanetti, Murano
  • Corcoran Museum and University, Washington DC USA