Program Information

Throughout the year, the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica di Venezia offers 1 to 12 week Residencies to professional and practicing artists. Work projects are in Printmaking, Book-Arts, Drawing and Painting. The Residencies may be attended with or without housing accommodation.

A residency at the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica provides a unique opportunity to experience Venice, not as a tourist, but as independent working artists with the Studio’s international creative community. Resident artists have access to the Scuola's studios 7 days a week.
Studio Residencies in Printmaking Book Arts & Visual Arts are offered by the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica in Venice, Italy. The Scuola is located in the heart of Venice and is equipped for all printmaking methods, including lithography, letterpress, serigraphy, intaglio, and photo-mechanical processes.

All resident artists have access to the Scuola’s studios 7 days a week. Accommodation is provided in private bedrooms at the Scuola’s apartments in Campo S.Maurizio, which is located in the central historical area of Venice, a 5 minute walk from Piazza San Marco. The apartments are fully furnished and equipped with a kitchen, bathrooms with showers, laundry facilities and living area. Complimentary Wireless DSL Internet connection is also provided.

Being part of the local community of artists and teachers

Since 1969, our resident artists have worked side by side with Italian and international artists and have taken part in our daily activities: workshops, seminars, presentations, exhibitions, visits to collections and libraries. Resident artists are fully immersed in the local life and culture.

Health and safety in the laboratories
The Scuola is a health & safety authorized independent school and studio. All safety, hygiene, and health features in our labs and studios have been inspected and approved by health authorities. Non-toxic methods are also practiced.
Our Staff
Qualified assistance is provided in our studios and apartments (please note: our staff and printshop manager are available for private tutorials for a fee).
Partial Fellowships
Partial Fellowships are offered to University professors as well as students. Visual Arts professors are granted a 10% discount on the Independent Residency fees (for residencies until 30 April 2017). Art students, as well as young artists who have completed their graduate or undergraduate degrees within the last two years, are encouraged to apply for the Academic Residency Program Partial Fellowship ➤
Deducting your residency fees from your taxes
Our fees may be deducted from your tax forms. Many independent artists, as well as university professors, were able to receive grants to fund their residencies at the Scuola.
Download the Studio and Apartments Photo Album
Download a full description and images ➤ of our housing and studio facilities, as well as presses, machinery and tools. Please take time to view it before you apply: it will help you to be sure than your art project can be realized.
The Scuola is member of RESARTIS ➤