art courses and workshops

Art & Design. In Venice since 1969

Art Courses and Workshops

The Scuola Internazionale di Grafica in Venice has been a pioneer of art workshops since 1969, playing an influential role in introducing these programmes for art enthusiasts of all skill levels to enjoy.

We organise a variety of intensive 6-hour workshops in printmaking, artists’ books, watercolours, collage, and more, where we teach traditional methods and new cutting-edge techniques.

Indeed, the Scuola is proud to host experienced instructors who are passionate about research and introduce students to innovative practices, including greener and less toxic alternatives.

We conduct our workshops at our spacious, secure, and well-equipped studios, located in the heart of historic Venice. The Scuola offers an inviting and friendly atmosphere where all participants sharing a love for art can freely experiment and acquire new skills.

Art Courses and Workshops

About the Workshops

Our Venice Workshops span a wide range of Printmaking, Artist Book and Bookbinding techniques and are open to both experienced participants and beginners.

The Scuola uses sustainable water-based inks without reliance  of chemical solvents, considering a green approach to all processes and practices within the studio.

The programs of our intensive workshops include six hours of work, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., with a lunch breakfrom 1 to 2 p.m.

corsi e workshop d'arte
corsi e workshop d'arte

Art Courses and Workshops

Watercolor on the Grand Canal

Venetian artist Matilde Dolcetti welcomes participants to her family palazzo on the Grand Canal. The Watercolor Workshopa are open to both experienced participants and beginners.

The program features studies of views of the Grand Canal and other subjects, with watercolor and mixed media, and binding of carnets.

Art Courses and Workshops

The Scuola's Maestri

The Scuola has had many internationally established Maestri over the years who have contributed significantly to the teaching of printmaking techniques, sharing knowledge and experience from all over the world.

The interaction in the studios between experienced artists and students constitutes one of the strengths of our teaching and art practice.

The Maestri of the Scuola have always been committed to spreading printmaking techniques, from the most traditional to the most innovative, to both an experienced public and beginners.

art courses and workshops

Art Courses and Workshops

Staff, Health & Safety in the Laboratories

Our staff provides qualified assistance in the laboratories.

The Scuola is a health-safety certified school and laboratory.

All safety, hygiene and health facilities on our premises have been inspected and approved by local authorities.

All the Scuola’s premises are wheel-chair accessible.