Master Program in Sustainable Printmaking

The Scuola Internazionale di Grafica offers the opportunity to obtain a non-university certificate in Advanced Printmaking. This year-long program will provide students with the tools to master the traditional techniques as well as the innovative and less-toxic methods, while also exploring the Artist’s Book. Students will be guided throughout the academic year in the design and realization of personal works, based on the skills developed through the classes and the expressive needs of each participant.

The presence of internationally established printmakers and guest artists from all the world allows students to approach professional realities – not only Italian – and to deal with cutting-edge techniques.
Our collection of artist’s books and the Scuola’s collection of prints inspire our students, while the textbooks in the library allow them to deepen their practical and cultural knowledge of Italian and international Printmaking.
The Master Program in Printmaking opens to the professional world while encouraging participation in exhibitions and contests.


Each student will be required to attend the following courses:

Sustainable Printmaking
Intaglio Printmaking
The Artist’s Book
Independent Studio Work

Critiques and final exams

There will be 3 critiques during the year, while in May there will be the final exam.

In order to obtain the diploma, each student must submit a number of works, printed in limited edition.


At the end of the course in May, a group exhibition of the students will be organized in the Scuola’s SGgallery. This event will give the opportunity to promote their work and to get involved in the installation of an exhibition, from the selection of the art-works to their presentation.

An international community of artists

Students will have the opportunity not only to attend courses taught by qualified faculty and guest artists, but also to interact with the international community of the Scuola. During the year, emerging and established artists from all over the world, come to the Scuola as resident artists. Sharing the studios with such personalities offers students the opportunity to work and interact with highly experienced artists. In addition, the students will be encouraged to apply for participation in national and international Printmaking and Book-Arts exhibitions.

Guest Artists & International Affiliations

The Scuola is a hub of Printmaking. For years we have been affiliated with important Italian and international organizations and universities of art, with which we have realized many collaborative projects. Every year, in addition to an independent artist, we select a member of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers→ in London and Boston Printmakers for a six-week residency at the Scuola. The guest artists support our teachers in the courses, giving the opportunity to our students to work side by side with internationally established artists, learning from them innovative methods, especially in the field of sustainable engraving. With LAPS → (Los Angeles Printmaking Society) we have created exhibition projects, hosting travelling group shows. In October 2019 we have exhibited works by various artists in a new show in collaboration with LAPS.

With the Premio Sciascia amateur d’estampes→ together with the Fondazione il Bisonte→ of Florence, the Museo della Carta e Filigrana→ of Fabriano, the Museo Riso of Palermo, we bring every two years to Venice the work of important printmakers from all over the world. In addition to hosting artists, exhibitions and reviews, we have represented Italian printmaking at international events and institutions, such as the Southern Graphic Council International→ and the China Printmaking Museum→ in Shenzhen.

2020 Visiting Guest Artists

Carolyn Webb: Sustainable Printmaking

Carolyn is an American artist, printmaker and sculptor, member of Zea Mays Printmaking in Massachusetts and of the Boston Printmakers. Her interests focus on sustainable printmaking techniques, while her work explores the elementary forms of nature and man through the superimposition of print, embossing and encaustic.

Liz Chalfin – Sustainable Printmaking

Liz is the director and founder of Zea Mays Printmaking in Massachusetts, where she teaches and promotes non-toxic printmaking. She is a member of guilds such as the Society of American Graphic Artists, Boston Printmakers and The Los Angeles Printmaking Society, and is committed to spreading sustainable printmaking in the United States and around the world, making her a leading figure in this innovative field. Her prints and artist’s books are exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions.

Victoria Goro-Rapoport: Photoetching

Her work centers on traditional printmaking as well as on experimentation with the most innovative methods, as well on drawing. Her works are characterized by the balanced use of architecture, human figure, natural elements and fantasy, and explore themes emotionally involving and of aesthetically strong impact. Shee teaches printmaking and drawing at the University of Nebraska, USA.

Jemma Gunning: Lithography

Working on personal projects and commissions, Jemma’s practice explores the documentation of urban and industrial decline. She exhibits frequently in the UK and internationally. Alongside her practice she works as a printmaking instructor at the University of the West of England specialsing in lithography and intaglio processes. This year she was elected as a new member of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers, based at Bankside Gallery.


This Master is open to all candidates who meet the following requirements:

– Age between 18 and 50 years;
– Italian, European or non-EU citizenship (with a regular residence permit);
Possession of one of the following qualifications:
Degree in Architecture
Degree in Art History
Degree in Fine Arts
High School Diploma with artistic specialization

Candidates who do not have any qualifications but who have good printing experience may apply for an admission interview. Basic knowledge of Italian language is required.


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