The Print-Workshop

Our spacious and luminous studios are equipped for most printmaking methods. There are 8 etching presses, 1 lithographic press, 1 vertical woodcut press, 1 Vandercook letterpress. The Print Studio is managed by our qualified staff, assisted by Art & Design students taking part as interns in the ERASMUS Project, an exchange program sponsored by the European Union.

The Artists’ Studios

Our Resident Artists work in shared spaces in the print-workshop. During the summer months they find additional space in the extensive facilities of the Scuola, where they will have tables, light tables and storage space for their art-work.


Our SGgallery exhibition program adds a cultural dimension which reflects & projects the activities of the Scuola. The Calendar includes annual exhibitions and the Premio Teardo prize offered in the area of Visual Arts, as well as the Leonardo Sciascia Amateur d’Estampes, & the Artists’ Book Triennial of Vilnius, We have hosted exhibitions of work by Italian designers such as Guerrino Boatto, Piero Cittato, Giancarlo Alesiani, giving critical support to our Art & Graphic Design courses, as well as solo shows by renowned artists such as Michael Mazur, Clare Romano, Jorg Schmeisser and Maria Lai.