Terms of Participation in the Artists Residency Program

In order to access the Scuola and Ca’Dandolo, all participants must abide by the regulations applied in Italy at the time of the Residency.

Upon acceptance in the Program all artists are requested to pay a € 500.00 inscription fee, which will go towards the payment
 of the Residency. This fee is not refundable. The balance fees are due at the beginning of the program. Food and travel costs are not included in the fees.
Artists who cancel 30 days prior to commencement of the Program will be requested to pay 50% of their Residency fees.
Artists receive a private room in Palazzo Dandolo on the Grand Canal. Kitchen, bathroom and common areas are shared.The resident artists are resposible for their meals. Linens and towels are provided by the Scuola. Room services are not provided.
We shall be glad to assist all artists in the process of requesting funding in their country by providing them with 
a formal letter of acceptance in the program.
Studio Resident artists have open access to the Scuola’s studio facilities. They are given keys 
to the Scuola and are welcome to use the facilites 7 days a week, from 9am to 8:30pm. Both artists and students enjoy 
participating in life at the Scuola through presentations and critiques. When in calendar, resident artists have the opportunity to attend our classes and workshops at no additional cost.
You are required to provide your own materials, including glue, acrylics, permanent markers, carborundum, tarlatan and brushes. Coloured inks, etching paper, copper, zinc and wood can be purchased from the Studio or in local stores. There are some materials in the print studio available to everyone in limited quantities: Etching grounds, soft ground, alcohol, petroleum, detergents, gloves, bites (ferric chloride, copper solphate), lithography stones, black oil base ink for etching, lithography and typography black ink, proof paper and vellum paper. Special care must be taken with use of Scuola equipment and in particular to return all such equipment back to where it belongs after use. Equipment is never to be removed from the Scuola. Each morning a staff member checks all equipment, printing characters, inks, rollers, brushes etc: Books in the studio & library are to be returned to their place after consultation and are never to be taken out of the Scuola.
Shipping goods to Italy is a perilous business as customs may block them and request complicated paperwork. We strongly discourage studio resident artists from shipping to Venice items such as shampoo, medicines, vitamins, health supplements, as they will all (almost certainly) be checked. Regretfully, the Scuola is unable to provide assistance in dealing with customs in this regards
he Scuola welcomes in its studios artists of all genders, ethnic groups, political and sexual orientations. All the Scuola’s premises are wheelchair accessible.
All our studio resident artists are requested to donate a minimum of one art-work produced during their residency to the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica print collection.