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Over 50 years of activity at the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica we have constantly evolved our didactic practice,thanks to the experience and exchange between guest artists from all over the world and artists from the Scuola, who in turn have been invited to teach in various International art institutions. The program is structured in such a way as to give a solid foundation to beginners, while providing greater skills and awareness for more advanced students. While the courses have been taught for many years, there is constant renewal, embracing new topics and syllabi.
Our calendar offers a full program of activities with attention to the different languages of expression. ​​Artists are helped to develop their ideas through well-thought through projects. Often participants are in Venice for a limited period of time and hence not able to attend an entire course or series of classes; our calendar is designed to offer flexibility, by indicating the day by day schedule. Even a single afternoon of laboratory booked at the last minute may turn into a very productive and rewarding afternoon of art and creativity!

Life in the Studios and Printshop

You won’t be in our studios for long before you come across with something new and surprising.  Working alongside artists absorbed in their projects is a constant source of inspiration. The secret lies in capturing the most from those who work around us. Learning from each other is one of the best ways to evolve as an individual and as an artist. Often, unpredictable results come with the meeting of traditional and experimental processes. The same equipment, machinery, tools and materials that have been utilized by Dürer, Rembrandt and Piranesi, fascinate, attract and encourage us to create new art even today. Inspirations from the past and stimuli from the contemporary merge into a perfect synthesis. The antiquity of a burin sign can also be vigorously modern. We are investing in sustainable less toxic methods, devoting time and attention to research in the studio.
Supported by the Zea Mays Printmaking” studio in Florence, Massachussets which offers intensive training in non-toxic intaglio techniques, the Printshop at the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica is working towards becoming the most progressive less toxic workshop in Italy. Developing recipes and secrets of the less toxic ways to print and the possibile ways to combine them with methods that characterize traditional engraving, to produce new results.

Old methods for new directions

Engraving techniques embrace an endless variety of methods. Etching a plate inking and printing it, can lead us to unexpected results and rewarding surprises. The monotype, is at the crossroads between printing and painting. Reflection and spontaneity meet in the gesture which requires determination and wisdom and the confident use of colour.
The brushstroke is at the essence of the watercolor, the inclination of the nib for calligraphy, the roller for printing, the folding of the paper sheet, binding, needle, thread and glue for the book… everything encourages us to improve our manual skills. The hand becomes intelligent and very often the inspiration starts in the hand rather than the mind.
During the hours engaged at work in our studios you will be rewarded with stimulating group critiques and break times with biscuits and wine, which may as well be considered as ‘therapy time’.

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Our Prints & Books Collection

Over the years the Suola has collected a vast collection of prints, artist’s books and monotypes, which are a precious heritage of the generations of students who have worked in Venice and, above all, of the presence of international artists, who have taught and completed projects in the Scuola’s laboratories. Being able to show original art-work to our students, as a guidance and source of inspiration, is an invaluable resource for our faculty.

This is the motivation that leads us to culminate our courses with the realization of personal projects: limited editions of prints, artists’ books, binded albums… For both students and faculty, this is the best way of giving a visible shape to the work done in the studios.


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