The Watercolor Course: open to all levels

Direct and simple, watercolour is a fascinating discipline even in indiscipline. Water plays the leading role between colour, brushes and paper. Water must be allowed to act without any effort to control it. The important thing is to learn how to take advantage of its fluidity, the perfect attribute that creates atmosphere, light and movement.
It takes determination to ‘go with the flow’, letting mistakes be resolute rather than trying to hide them, which in the end finishes up reducing the expressive power of the work.
Whether painting an object, a still life, a figure or a Venetian landscape, the subject must get under your skin; Matisse said, we must: “… gain strength from the existence of objects, not let our imagination be cut off by the existence of objects”.

Upcoming Courses and Workshops

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Course Description

The Watercolor Course is divided into eight parts of three or four classes each. Classes meet on Thursday in the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica’s studios, 2pm – 6pm.

  • October 2018: Still Life with shapes and objects
  • November 2018: Still Life with vegetation
  • December 2018: Landscape Studies
  • January 2019: Portrait & Figure
  • February 2019: Experimenting on different papers. Glue, gesso and texture
  • March 2019: Watercolor Monotype
  • April 2019: Venice Studies
  • May 2019: Venice en-plein-air

How to Enroll

You may attend the complete program, one or more parts of three or four classes, or just one individual session. After having selected your preferred option, you may pay your classes with credit card online, via bank transfer, or in the front office at the Scuola.

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Our Teaching Methods

Over 50 years of activity at the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica we have constantly evolved our didactic practice, thanks to the experience and exchange between guest artists from all over the world and artists from the Scuola, who in turn have been invited to teach in various International art institutions. The programs are structured in such a way as to give a solid foundation to beginners, while providing greater skills and awareness for more advanced students. While the courses have been taught for many years, there is constant renewal, embracing new topics and syllabi.
Our calendar offers a full program of activities with attention to the different languages of expression. ​​Artists are helped to develop their ideas through well-thought through projects. Often participants are in Venice for a limited period of time and hence not able to attend an entire course or series of classes; our calendar is designed to offer flexibility, by indicating the day by day schedule. Even a single afternoon of laboratory booked at the last minute may turn into a very productive and rewarding afternoon of art and creativity!